SuperHack 2018 is an engineering hackathon for young women in high school, run by the Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club.

We invite girls to compete in teams representing their school during this event, where we will teach them the technical skills required to solve a design challenge based on a real industry problem.

Throughout this event, teams will discover what it really means to be an engineer and how women are currently making waves in the industry. Engineering can provide so many interesting and unique career pathways, so we want to give these girls a taste for what it is like in practice.

We are inspired by the engineers whose work brings about progress and improves lives. These are the everyday heroes that motivate SuperHack, and we hope the students will aspire to become heroes themselves.

This year, we are using Arduino based hardware and software to teach the basics of C-style programming for robots.

The winning team will take home prize money for their schools, as well as receive mentoring and tech prizes from our sponsors. Lunch and snacks will be provided for everyone, along with free giveaways, hardware kits to take home, and certificates.