SuperHack is an annual high-school engineering hackathon for young women hosted by the Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club, MUEEC.

Every year, we invite girls from schools across Victoria to compete in teams to solve engineering design challenges based on a real industry problem.

Partial_blackBeing an engineer is all about creative invention and problem-solving. However, oftentimes we can feel discouraged from engineering due to its reputation of being too abstract or gendered.

At SuperHack, we want engineering to feel relatable and show that it can be used to help people improve lives. We aim to teach young women the core concepts behind engineering through a fun and engaging challenge, whilst providing them with an opportunity to talk to industry mentors and university students in STEM.

While the challenge itself varies every year, the central theme of teaching young women to innovate, help others, and change the world through engineering remains. That is why we decided to brand the event SuperHack, a superhero-themed hackathon that puts ‘her’ in ‘hero‘.

In 2018, competitors completed an algorithmic maze-solving challenge with Pololu Zumo Robots, an Arduino based hardware. To complete the challenge, they were required to understand and apply algorithmic thinking using a C-style programming interface.